I need a place…

You are X here.I need a place to put stuff.  Circumstances conspire. I witness people behaving well, or badly. I find things, lose things, choose among options. I read good stuff. Or I re-read good stuff. Or I hear an excellent lyric. I see something that says it all. Or I make a mess, some of which is salvageable, even promising.

Sh*t happens. I need to write it down or paste it somewhere.  Pictures. Found objects: sounds, footage, bits of art. I need a place to keep this stuff. My mind is not as limber as (I once thought) it once was. Not as sticky. Or the shelves are shorter. Or something. Anyway, I need to collect this stuff somehow, somewhere, in a way that won’t get away from me.

If I don’t collect this stuff, I’ll lose it. But also, I like collections in their own right.  I like the order that asserts itself. I like the way that grouping a passle of disparate objects forces them all to turn their common credential to the sunlight, like matching badges pinned to the undersides of their lapels. I like the patterns generated by juxtaposing instances that seemed initially to have absolutely nothing in common except my attention.  I can even make entirely new moments by tossing the detritus of elapsed moments together in a big …collecting place.  

I spend a lot of time online, so I figure I might as well collect stuff here.

2 thoughts on “I need a place…

  1. GOD that Mr. WordPress is a crashing bore, is he not? Mrs. WordPress really ought to kick his ass a little harder, no?

    I am SO looking forward to perusing your collection in this blogipelago. I would offer you storage space on my shelves, but what’s happened to them is that some of the little pegs holding them up have sort of popped out here and there. Thus affording them an incline off of which things roll. Once they hit the floor, the rats get them. Frankly, the rats deserve no less.

    Hey, Dave! :o) That’s a commendably unshelvish offer, but I think I’m good, for now.


  2. Hi, this is a comment. A default comment. May I say, it’s really very kind of you not to have deleted me. Most people delete the default comment straight away. But you must be a different sort. I do appreciate that.

    P.S.: To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.


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