These work.Forget your stupid little Wii games and your World of Warcraft and your boogie boards and your iPods and all that what-have-you. You want excitement? Be 8 or under …in the woods, by water, with two new friends… pull a twig off a cedar and, on the count of OneTwoThree, scream GO!! …and fling it upstream, off a little wooden farm bridge. Then race to the other side of the bridge …and drop in unison onto your bellies… and the three of you hang your heads under the roadway to watch, upside down, while all the leaves bob on the water til the current takes them. When it does, at the top of your lungs, yell I’m winning!! I’m winning!! even if you’re not… because during the month of August, leaves adrift pick up speed in the presence of soundwaves. This is a known fact. Squeal when your little sister’s creased blackberry leaf inches up to and past your friend’s stalk of golden-rod…and groan so the second balcony can hear you when your maple-nose turns lazy in the water and hangs up on a cedar snag. Jump up and down and make the bridge shiver like a plucked string when the leaves set adrift by the other two kids collide and drift off into a bankside eddy. …Inspire your Aunt Margaret to tell you to stop… but also to laugh and not really mean it… An hour or two of that, mister, will exhaust you — happily. You might then come back in… dragging your sandy feet across my clean kitchen floor …and have a bit of homemade raspberry icecream to recharge your summer batteries.

4 thoughts on “OneTwoThreeGO!

  1. I could not understand whether the idea is to throw the little twig upstream and then watch whose twig comes down first. Is this the way you remember yourself as a little kid? But how far back can you remember? It seems that the children described would be between 7 and 9 years old, or are they smaller?

    I realize this could also be the way you see kids, other kids, not yourself. I can’t remember much, but believe that when the neighbour kids got excited and screamed, I used to get scared.


  2. Mmm hmmm! That was really sweet vermonter! 😀

    You can see in the photo of the bridge how thick and humid that August air is. Of COURSE it helps carry the sound waves!

    It’s been pouring here! All freakin’ summa! The air gathers early in the morning, like the picture, and then on signal it drops. It’s kinda cool…


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