Never Say No

neversayno.gifI like improv because the first rule is: Never say no.  You can say “Know” or “Noh” even “Gno.”

But you can’t say “No.” You have to rise to the moment. You can’t whine about it. You can’t bargain over participating. You have to meet the moment wherever it finds you. Because — hello? — now it’s your turn to make something of it.

You’re not consenting to let the moment just have its way with you. You don’t have to let yourself be carted off, although that has its magic, too. You are allowed to steer. But first  you have to take the wheel. And don’t settle for just the damned hubcap, either.

Absolutes are not my thing as a rule. But if ever I were to cave on this point and adopt a “never” or an “always,” it could be this one before a lot of other possibilities.

Never  say no.

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