Super Tuesday 2.0

profile-picIt’s March 15, 2016. Primaries today in 4 or 5 dozen states. The “big” ones: Florida, Ohio, Illinois.  Mainscream media trumpets this “day of decision” as the one where, at the end, we “all know” how “this thing” is “going to play out.”


I thought we had that day already. Wasn’t that the day Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy? And y’all said “Whoop – race is over now…”   Unless… ” — unless Joe Biden decides to run….”  Or else maybe it was the day Joe Biden announced he wasn’t running? And y’all said “Oh, well then, done deal! Might as well go home to Vermont now, Mr. Sanders — you wild-eyed democratic socialite, you.”

Or, wait – no. Wasn’t it the day when Donald Trump was obnoxious for the first time (first time this year, I mean)? And locked up the playground-bully constituency (which turns out to be remarkably large, actually) with his remarkably substance-free “plan” to “make America great again?” And y’all said “Oh, he won’t go far with that schtick.”  

Hey, I know! I know. I said it too.

Well, we both learned something, didn’t we? Didn’t we? Well, I did anyway.

I learned there is only one “day of decision” where, at the end, we might know how this thing is going to play out. It’s not due for months, and even then a hanging chad might gum everything up.

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