Heard at the Fair


So yeah, I seed ’em first from the back – I was coming up the walkway from the parking, and she’d run on ahead of me and I recognized her little knapsack with the Pokerman toy in the back pocket, you know? The kids are all crazy for ’em again today – Anyway, this big brown hand was on her shoulder – that’s all i could see -he was crouchin’ down and i saw him put across my babygirl’s shoulders this big arm, and my insides gimme a jump, oh lord! And I stepped it up and a shout was just making itself up in my throat when suddenly he’s standing up and the hand comes down, the arm comes down and they’re both turning toward each other and around, and I see they’s smilin’ and lookin’ down at something — they’s lookin’ at her little cell phone! They’s lookin’ at her cell phone and then he looks up with that big, famous smile of his, you know, and he sees me runnin’ up, and he smiles at me too! and then he looks down at my babygirl and says ‘OK then! You’re in a very pretty picture now!’ and he rousles her hair and he nods and smiles at me and she’s lookin’ down at her phone, and smilin’ and all happy and he’s turnin’ to the next fan in line as i get there and she’s showin’ me the selfie and she’s all pleased and jumpin’ up and down  – so happy – so, yeah, i seed her with him, and it first it made me jumpy but then i recognized him and it was ok – hell it was more than ok! it was a genuine Kodak moment right there, you know –

One thought on “Heard at the Fair

  1. How I love the jumpy tone, the perfect ear of the hearer, and the AhHa moment of recognition. Wish I could figure out who he was……

    Hi Ann! Thanks for kind words. How is MD??


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