No, thanks. No Trump.


An Open Letter To The 538 Men And Women Who Comprise The Electoral College

Dear Electors:

I appeal to you as the citizen patriots who are charged with choosing our next president.

As Hamilton wrote in Federalist 68, the Founders intended that the process of election should afford “a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall …to any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

On November 8th, voters made one candidate the presumptive president-elect. I write today to ask that you consider whether or not that candidate, Donald J. Trump, is qualified to serve as president.

As you deliberate, please consider these points together:

  • Trump lacks experience in any form of organizational management in which he does not control the selection or charge of every actor on his team;
  • Trump won’t share the fundamentals of his fiscal entanglements by releasing his tax returns;
  • Trump refuses (or is unable) to place his business interests in a blind trust.
  • Trump doesn’t grasp the importance of availing himself of the intelligence briefings to which he is entitled by virtue of his performance at the polls.
  • Trump has amassed very long list of invitations to respond to legal charges stemming from his alleged non-payment of debts,  fraud, sexual predation and unfair competition — a lifetime list, in fact, that is surely unprecedented (for a chief executive) in the annals of this nation of laws;
  • Trump persists in disrespecting truth as evidenced by
    • his role as a leading proponent of the so-called “Birther movement” which perpetuated the untruth that Barack Obama was not native-born and thus not a legitimate president, and
    • his self-serving perpetuation in public discourse of demonstrable falsehoods, through implication, innuendo and bald assertion.
  • Trump proposes punishing the press for airing dissent and for raising alarms about his personal conduct.
  • Trump relies upon racism, sexism and misogyny as rhetorical strategies.
  • Trump has a self-avowed history of sexual predation.

The Founders further urged (though they did not prescribe) that you deliberate whether selecting a particular person would lead to tumult or disorder at home or abroad, for, as Hamilton wrote, “It is peculiarly desirable to afford as little opportunity as possible for tumult and disorder.”

As you deliberate, please consider these points taken together:

  • Trump’s presumed victory has already been the proximate cause of an elevated number of hate crimes and incidents documented by US law enforcement.
  • Throughout his campaign, Trump exploited support from white supremacists to menace opposition and quell dissent at public gatherings.
  • Trump incited violence at his rallies, but has yet to concede his contribution to subsequent unrest.
  • Trump has rattled the foundations of long-standing, vital trusts we share with allies the world around,
  • questioning why the US does not use the nuclear weapons it possesses, and
  • suggesting he thinks it advisable for the US to withdraw from NATO.

Third, you are our last bulwark against corruption by foreign intrigue, influence, involvement or intervention in our electoral processes.

As you deliberate please consider these points, taken together:

  • Trump has effusively praised the leadership style of a Russian strongman who heads a corrupt kleptocracy where dissent is smothered.
  • Trump’s business relationships abroad appear on their face to contravene the Constitution’s Emoluments clause, and afford foreign meddlers an obvious avenue for influence.
  • Trump’s advisors have accepted payments for services rendered to foreign interests.

Any single concern raised here may not rise to the level of general alarm. But taken all together, don’t you find the prospect ominous? I do. And so do my neighbors.

With respect: on December 19, you aren’t constitutionally bound to vote for any particular aspirant to the office.  The Founders didn’t charge you to act as rubber stamp for the popular vote.  They never proposed that you must vote as a bloc, or mirror the state or national vote cast for one candidate or another.

The Founders enshrined your role in the Constitution, protecting it from the partisan tides of Congress. They conspicuously avoided specifying any constraints upon you save those of a moral conscience that elevates us as a nation of laws above any particular contender for office.

I ask you to find that there is enough evidence that Donald J. Trump, the presumptive president elect, is not, “in an eminent degree endowed with the necessary requisite qualifications, and is, in fact, unqualified to serve as President of the United States. I also ask further that you use your constitutionally protected authority to elect instead an acceptable, qualified, alternative candidate as the Forty-Fifth President of The United States.

Thank you for your service.


Hester L. Fuller

Craftsbury, Vermont

Creative Commons License
My Case Against Trump by Hester L. Fuller is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. All this means is that you can use this piece or any part of it to express something you want to say and that is fine with me (the author and copyright holder) as long as you attribute my work to me, and license your derivative work under these same terms.
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