About vermonter

vermonter as a bay-staterI’m not a Vermonter; I was born in Massachusetts. But I have lived here now off and on for forty years, give or take, & I do a lot of different things. I am a Slow Writer. I take care of three alpacas, three cats and a dog. Occasionally I do contract editorial, data and voice work. I have been a radio journalist and local broadcaster, a digital public media producer, and a receptionist and Excel maven for a terrific dog trainer. I do minor computer repairs and technical support consulting.  I used to be a college administrator but the work didn’t suit me. I haven’t taught anything I ever trained for in school, but I have taught everything I ever did for a living, except typing & animal husbandry. I believe in kindness, good faith & snow days. I think people do the best they can. I love critters, NASA, jersey bed-sheets, the Boston Red Sox & Bob Dylan’s music. I make fine pot roast. I remember fondly all but one of my old boy friends. I may already be a winner in the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

3 thoughts on “About vermonter

  1. I really love your new blog. It feels like New England over here and between your blog, David’s, and Joan Harvest’s I can get my much-needed fix. Your whole layout is cool and I really like this new format of getting to know you better. You. are. wicked. cool.
    P.S. Still love your Scout photo. I think it’s the best avatar in our blogosphere.


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